eScape Season One (


Children are left inexplicably stranded by their camp counselors.  Some wish to find out what's happened, others decide to settle for a world without adults. As they explore their surroundings, a startling discovery is made. 

Running Time: 11 min.  Guest Starring Yvonne Perry. 
Featuring Music by The Unicorns, Moby, Olivia Tremor Control, Jeff Roeser and Caryn Lin.
With original incidental music by Ray Feurstein.


As the clans collide, a shift in leadership takes place and one camper makes a decision that surprises everyone. Sometimes monster blood is just a condiment to the second course.

Running Time: 9 min.  Guest Starring Yvonne Perry, Laura Reilly, Natalia Sagaille, Omari Allen.
Featuring Music by Moby, Think Quick, S-Man.
With original theme and incidental music by Ray Feurstein.


The discovery of the truth about their surroundings leads one camper to take matters into his own hands, and onto his own private server.  Meanwhile, dwindling rations lead to dwindling patience.

Running Time: 9 min 30 sec. 
Featuring Music by Lemon Demon, Stick Figure Philharmonic, Istvan Dawis.
With original incidental music by Ray Feurstein.


Conflicts arise when presented with the facts about the campers' situation.  One camper decides to take
matters into her own hands, just as the identity is revealed of the camper whose father is responsible
for the whole mess.

Running Time: 10 min 30 sec.  Guest Starring Dan Kelly, Kevin Craig West, Marie Oppedisano, Maureen Fuller.
Featuring Music by Apollyon, Fishbishop & DK, Istvan Dawis, The Red Lip Orchestra.


Two campers in peril are rescued by an unexpected means.  The discovery of an old train station promises escape, but no one is ready for the next step.

Running Time: 9 min. 30 sec. 
Featuring Music by Word to the Whys, Michael Quinones, Jeff Roeser.
With original theme and incidental music by Ray Feurstein.


(SEASON FINALE)  Another company threatens to undermine Fantaro Games.  The appearance of a man dressed all in white signals a distressing tie between the rival companies.  Meanwhile the constantly separated campers all come crashing back together during an event that compromises everything. 

Running Time: 18 min 30 sec.  Guest Starring Tim Dugan, David Bunce, Dan Kelly, Becca Minarik.
Featuring Music by The White Stripes, Apollyon, The Olivia Tremor Control, Jeff Roeser.
With original and incidental music by Ray Feurstein.

eScape Season Two (


The past catches up with the present for Jason Fantaro who attempts to wrestle control of the game away from the Man in White.

Running Time: 11 min. Guest Starring Yvonne Perry, Tim Dugan, David Bunce. Featuring Music by The White Stripes, Jeff Roeser. With original incidental music by Ray Feurstein.


The game players have to come together if they're going to solve any problems.  More monsters emerge, more powers develop, and Lucas discovers he's different from the rest.


Lucas discovers the real reason he's in the game. Meanwhile Jason and Kyle try to outwit his captors.


Steven separates from the group as revelations are made about the nature of the game and its players. Outside the game, Jack's brother Nicky makes revelations of his own.


Somewhere close and yet far away another band of players deals with entirely different situations. Steven and Bianca discover the secret to winning the game.


Jason takes an important call from an estranged member of his past.  Meanwhile one of the players is found defeated by a monster and the group is in distress.


The players fight to bring back their fallen teammate, but does anyone have the ability to heal? Jack's brother Nicky enters the fray with the help of James Zavon, who may have ulterior motives.


With players dropping like flies, the fabric of the game unravels for its inhabitants.

eScape Season Three (